We saw things we have only dreamed about

We saw things we have only dreamed about: Our Lord brought here almost forty ladies from Hopi, Navajo, Pima, Kiowa, Apache, Tohono O’odham, Tewa etc. (over a dozen tribes) to our “Daughters of the King” retreat here.  Ten of them came from Hopiland! The responses from so many of the ladies saying how deep this retreat was for them was beyond what we had hoped for!  Some said this was a “life changing” experience for them. It was beautiful to see how the Lord brought the speakers, the dancers and the singers- all who came to start this new year together. The planning of the menu and purchasing  of the food for 40 some people for 3 days and washing all the sheets and bath and kitchen towels and the clean up of the retreat center was a bit daunting afterwards.  I must say though that it was all worth it as we felt His holy presence in the midst of us.  What was a further blessing was that three men (Blackfeet, Hopi, Navajo) asked whether they could come with their wives and hang around with Will- so five of them (including Nita’s son, Franklin) had their own men’s retreat at our home next door.  What we experienced this weekend are things we have only dreamed about eighteen years ago when we first arrived in Hopiland.

His continuing provisions to us: “Praise be to the Lord for He has shown His wonderful love to us”. (Psalm 31:21)  Sometimes, we wonder whether we can make it financially to the end of the month. And then, the Lord was gracious and brought the end of the year funds so that we were able to catch up with all of our ministry bills and also to be able to have a bit of funding to help some our native friends with their desperate needs. Thank you dear friends!  Our Father is faithful, faithful, faithful!

Thank you Father for this wonderful privilege!: David Rutherford just stopped by who was in our  “Winter House” ministry in downtown  Santa Barbara, CA. He and many others came into our discipleship house in the 80′s and David was one of our house staff to disciple others who came in from the streets and churches.  He has been a professor at a University in Mississippi for the past ten years. Also, Ron Nowack, one of the residents from Winter House from thirty years back called this past week.  It is amazing that a man who is only a few years younger than I, considers us his mom and dad.  He was disappointed that we don’t call him as often as we should.  But, it was so sweet to see and to hear from our old friends whom we were privileged to be involved in their lives so many years back.  We are truly grateful- thank you Father for this wonderful privilege!

Michael Jacobs playing guitar & singing, playing Native American flute,    The Toms with Michael Dale & Shala Tsosie with Michael,     Donna & my Navajo friends

Will and I just came back from Page, Arizona, near Lake Powell at Faith Bible Church where we have some very good friends like our Navajo buddies, the Tsosies, and Donna who have been praying for the Hopis for many years.  We were with Michael Jacobs, Cherokee recording artist, for a concert in Page.  The interview at the KUYI Hopi radio station earlier in the week went very well.  However, in spite of this good 60 minute interview, not many showed up at Hopi Mission School. Those who did come expressed thankfulness for some relief in the midst of their ongoing hardships.  This has been a tough season on Hopi with many deaths and tragedies.  Michael said that the highlight of his trip was going into Coconino County jail with Will to share with the inmates who were so hungry for life.

If you have not heard Michael, you really ought to hear him at www.sacrednation.com.  I realized how dedicated he was to have chosen this life which keeps him away from his lovely Mohawk wife and daughter for weeks at a time, and which does not give him fame and money in spite of having won Native American Music awards numerous times. We were very blessed to have Michael with us this past week and privileged to pray for him.

Jan 3-5th- Daughters of the King retreat here at YWAM retreat center in Flagstaff
Jan 5-11th- Michael Jacobs with us- concerts in Hopiland, Flagstaff and Page, Arizona
Jan.10-11th- “All nations” ministry leaders’ gathering from Northern Arizona University at our retreat center
Jan.14-17th- We’re leaving for Tijuana, Mexico for YWAM Base leaders gathering with our staff gals, Nita and Danielle.
Jan. 26 th- 5 months of Discipleship Training School starts in Hopiland (We have accepted Pema, a Tibetan young man on staff, and also Lowana, an Aboriginal gal from Australia.  Both felt the call to serve our Father in Hopiland.  Please pray for Pema to be able to come quickly from Nepal to help with DTS & also financial support for them both that they may fulfill their calling!

Your love, O Lord reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies.  (Psalms36:5)  God bless you, our loved friends!