Believe it or not, we still have many tribes in remote, and sometimes not so remote, places of the world who still do not have their own written languages. If you are interested in transforming lives on this earth by teaching illiterate children and adults to be able to easily read with their own symbols, or developing a written language for those nations, or for you own tribe, this would be a very good tool! For example, we now have two people from the Akha tribe ofThailand with us here at YWAM Tribal Winds to put their oral language into their own Akha written form, using UniSkript. UniSkript also has been employed for a school on the Navajo Indian reservation to develop their own symbols.  For example, using their own symbols for the wind, water, corn, hogan, sacred mountains etc. (rather than the English Alphabet), all the children were able to pass the reading comprehension test because they were able to comprehend and read so much quicker, because UniSkript utilizes their own cultural symbols.

Uniskript is a God given tool to bless the Nations. It has been used to teach over a dozen of tribes in Papua New Guinea, China, Thailand, Pacific Islands and Native Americans. Uniskript is very easy to learn, it is so logical and intuitive that some people learn it in less than a week!

The technique was developed by UofN linguists Edson and Marcia Suzuki together with David Hamilton and Youngshin Kim, at the University of the Nations in Hawaii. It allows for the creation of culturally contextualized writing systems for languages that still don’t have their own alphabet. It is also used for languages that do have a writing system, but their alphabet is foreign, too hard to read or is rejected because it doesn’t feel like their own.

The Uniskript Navajo, for instance, connects immediately with their heart, because it reflects all their cultural symbols and values. It was developed with the assistance of their own cultural experts, educators and religious leaders. It looks and feels very Navajo.

We are now in the process of transliterating the Bible into Uniskript Navajo, so people who are illiterate in Navajo will have access to the Word of God in a way they can really understand and connect.

If you want to learn more about Uniskript, visit www.uniskriptalphabets.com

If you want to serve the Lord side by side with Indigenous educators and leaders, or want help them to translate the Bible into their own languages, we can help you!

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