Touching people’s lives through TV interview

NitaatSonBroadcastSee a interview with Nita Koruh and Will and Millie. You will see Nita singing a Hopi basket song, and hear how the Toms’ were called by the Creator to Hopiland and their hopes and prayers for North America. You will also see Nita wearing her Hopi manta (dress), and hear her stories. Plus, you’ll hear “Morning Prayer” song by Karen Lafferty and flute music by Navajo, Dale Tsosie, and Native American dancers.

It is really refreshing to see Native Americans who love Jesus able to worship and speak of Him in ways that are true to their Native identities. This may be okay for a secular TV station but very unusual for a Christian program, as it is still looked at as mostly evil to do anything cultural as Native Americans. It is still considered evil for Hopi Christian ladies to be able to wear their Hopi manta dress or sing any of their old traditional basket song. It is as though the “Kill the Indian and save the man” mandate of the 19th century is still being proclaimed by the churches. (58 minutes)