Top Rope Rock Climbing Instructor Training Course

We have a special treat!  One month Top Rope Rock Climbing Instructor Training course!
Top Rope
Rock Climbing Instructor Training

Learn to safely and effectively take people out onto Rock Climbing adventures.

Come join us at YWAM Tribal Winds in Flagstaff, Arizona…  one of the premier outdoor adventure locations in the USA.  We are located at 6,300 feet elevation below the volcanic San Francisco Peaks on the Kaibab Plateau. The Grand Canyon is to the north, red rock Sedona south, Navajo and Hopi reservations to the east and a multitude of natural and cultural wonders surround us, including excellent and varied rock climbing locations.

Request  an Application from: Will Toms
Why Rock Climbing?

Because Outdoor Adventure Changes Lives!

Our Creator made us from both the Earth and His Spirit breath. Yet we live in societies that are increasingly isolated from one another and insulated from the natural world around us. Outdoor Adventure provides a way for us to facilitate meeting, working and playing with other people. It requires that we communicate with and become responsible for our fellow human adventurers.  Additionally it takes us into and onto the very physical artwork of God. We meet Him in the beauty and vitality of Creation – rock, earth, river, sky, plants, animals & people.

So Why Not Just Do It?

If it’s just you maybe you can. But when you take responsibility for other’s lives 60 feet up on a Rock you must be Response Able. You must learn the Ropes. Good intentions are not enough. And a basic introduction is not enough. You need to see, hear and learn from people who can train and mentor you, and send you off confident that you can handle the full scope of the work.

What do We offer?

First, we offer the foundation of decades of  broad experience running an outdoor adventure program, SEA & SUMMIT EXPEDITIONS.  This school  has the intent of wanting to help you to be fully qualified to safely conduct a top rope rock climbing experience. As a YWAM school there will also be time for a daily spiritual focus and will include classes intended to help you in your personal maturing process.

What do we require of you?

We hope that you will come with enthusiasm to learn and apply what you learn. This is best suited to those with climbing experience. You will need some gear of your own. Ask for the list.

Curriculum: 1. History, Philosophy and Ethics  2. Teaching Techniques  3. Permits and Insurance  4. Conservation Practices  5. Locating a Course Area  6. Growth Games  7. Equipment, Knots and Hitches  8. Risk Management  9. Movement of Rock  10. Anchors and Belaying  11. Wilderness Advanced 1st Aid Course  12. Rock Assistance and Rescue  13. Processing the Experience  14.  Outreach  15. Evaluation: Pass/Fail; what’s next?

School Information: When: October 1-31

Cost: $2,000, includes full room and board, camping & climbing gear as needed, transportation to climbing sites, rock gym membership for 1 month, a Wilderness First Aid course and required textbooks.

Hello I’m the director of this school, Will Toms.  My outdoor adventure background began with being a Navy SEAL in the ‘70s. I became a follower of Jesus after being freed from 2 addictions one night and so I committed myself to service, as our Creator directed.

I got a Recreation degree in college and worked wit a wide variety of clients within Sea & Summit Expeditions, from probation youth to church and business groups.Those experiences were 1 day to 3 week courses including rock climbing, back packing, mountaineering, cross country skiing, river rafting. I worked with other wilderness programs such as Outward Bound in Oregon, California & Colorado. I got a MA in family counseling in ’89.

In ’96 my family and I were led out to the Hopi rez where we ran trips for many villages and schools. I am currently a professional AMGA member and maintain a Wilderness 1st Responder certification.