Daughters of the King Retreat


Every year, we hold this conference here at YWAM Tribal Winds. Please Contact us: for the next retreat! 

We saw things we have only dreamed about: Our Lord brought ladies from Hopi, Navajo, Pima, Kiowa, Apache, Tohono O’odham, Tewa etc. (over a dozen tribes) to our “Daughters of the King” retreat here.  Ten of them came from Hopiland! The responses from so many of the ladies saying how deep this retreat was for them was beyond what we had hoped for!  Some said this was a “life changing” experience for them. It was beautiful to see how the Lord brought the speakers, the dancers and the singers- all who came to start this new year together. It was all worth it as we felt His holy presence in the midst of us.  What was a further blessing was that three men (Blackfeet, Hopi, Navajo) asked whether they could come with their wives and hang around with Will- so five of them (including Nita’s son, Franklin) had their own men’s retreat at our home next door.  What we experienced this weekend are things we have only dreamed about when we first arrived in Hopiland.