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Great Eagle Calling by Millie Camille Toms- 2nd Edition! (336 pages)

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This is Millie’s first book in which she talks about how God called her and her family to Native ministries. This is a revised version which came out in 2016.

Review By Virginia Setters- Deeply touched & Impacted (Santa Fe, New Mexico)- 

I’m on my third reading of your inspiring book, “The Great Eagle Calling”. God willing, I’ll be 91 years old November 4, 2012. Even so it isn’t that I can’t comprehend; but I’m so drawn to everything you’ve written in your book. I am deeply touched and impacted. I must confess my thinking about the Native Americans has been so limited. I had no idea! To me, it has been like finding a lost, virtually unknown tribe, nation of people. And they have been here for hundreds of years.

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Great Eagle Rising-True Confessions of a Missionary (Second Book) by Millie Camille Toms

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A glimpse into modern day Native America!

A book to inspire you to pray for freedom for the native people to rise up and cultivate their own, unique relationships with the Creator! Unintentional oppression still goes on with the Church’s narrow-mindedness.  A great read if you want to know more about Native American Missions or Missions in general. The author’s brutal honesty engages the reader to participate in the joys and the trials of being a missionary or simply a human being. She brings beautiful insight into the Native American culture and its people.

The author sorts through many controversial issues of Native American followers of Christ being able to be who they are within their own culture. Native forms of worship were blindly rejected because they did not fit the western mold of Christianity. The American Church is still oppressing her Native brothers and sisters. The church has not realized that there is so much to be learned from First Nations. It is obvious that the church has forgotten that the Native People are also made in God’s image. The Church of the world needs to have their eyes opened to move to action where we were previously apathetic, and extend a hand of respect and friendship.

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Most evangelical Christians and other people think the mission field is overseas or across the border. After 400 years of stumbling North American mission history, we believe that there is still much to do right here in the United States! The Native Americans are tired of being the target of “evangelism”.  A New approach of respect, and mutual cooperation and responsibility is needed.

It is my hope and desperate prayer that many intercessors would be raised up for the Native Americans. I pray that a flame of fire would be set in place in the hearts of everyone who reads this story — to intercede, to pray for the original people of this land.  Very importantly, we need to stop patronizing Native believers, as though they have nothing to offer, and start partnering with them to reach the World.

There is a nobility and wisdom that the Lord has given to believing Native Americans which is about to explode and be used for God’s kingdom purposes. Even in Europe, Israel, Pakistan and China where Christians are not welcome, they have opened their arms wide to have Native American followers of Christ come to their nations. In Israel, our Native American Christian friends were able to even go into the Knesset (parliament) with their 120 drums when, at the very same time, missionaries were being kicked out of Israel. In China, at the International Arts Festival, thousands of Chinese pressed in to be able to see the Native American followers of Christ with their feathers, beads and regalia, dancing their prayers to Jesus. Europe boasts of having Native American clubs and the Germans imitate Indian bead work with an amazing degree of precision. It is as though much of the world is waiting for their unique culture, songs and dance to come to their land with the message of Christ, the living God.

We at YWAM TRIBAL WINDS are praying for our Native American brothers and sisters in Christ to rise up and take their place. We want them to know that they are priests unto the Creator and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. We believe that the Europeans and the others have had their chance to be God’s known evangelists.  Now, we believe it is the time for the Native Americans to take their inheritance and go to the nations and make Jesus’ name known! After all, Jesus was a tribal man and paid the price for everyone on earth to give us life, full and meaningful!  Jesus is the Great Eagle, who was sacrificed once and for all!

We are in need of those who want to learn about God’s heart for these host peoples. We need those who are willing to put aside the white man’s ways of doing things; those who are willing to recognize that the Creator has also given the Native people inherently beautiful ways in which they can worship Christ. We want those who are willing to say, “Perhaps, we will not only hear Handel’s Messiah in heaven, but all the Native American instruments and music; the high pitched Powwow songs and the low, gentle chants of the Pueblos, in heaven also.”

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A Set- (Great Eagle Calling & Great Eagle Rising): $25.00 (includes shipping)

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Free Resources:

Church Summer Teams by Charity Thiessen
This video (40 minutes) is designed to prepare churches and missions groups for outreach on Native reservations. This film includes interviews with various Native people and teaches missional groups about the sensitivities and procedure necessary for ministering on reservations. (We apologize for some sound defects in this film.)

The Legacy of Language by Danielle Romeyn
This video(42 minutes) explores the importance of language to Native American cultures, as well as digging deeper into the history of Native and European interaction in North America.

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