Our Friends- the Hopis

NeighborsThe Hopis are Native Americans, one of twenty Pueblo tribes, who have lived in the Southwest for millennium. They believe that we are now in the Fourth World. The word Hopi actually describes their spirituality given them by the Creator. It means People of Peace. The kiva depicted here, at Mesa Verde, CO, is an ancient underground ceremonial chamber. They believe that a True Brother or Friend has been prophesied to come help them find their destiny in Creator’s good way.


Psalm of the Chief

The chiefs of yesterdays past did not last,

but You are the Chief among chiefs.

The war bonnet you wear is made of peace.

The crook You carry comforts me in my time of need,

and the tomahawk you have is reserved for your enemies, and not for me.

You ride upon a white horse of righteousness

and those who are in your way are broken to pieces

like the potteries which do not last.

Even mother earth quakes and bows under Your thundering footsteps.

The drum you play resounds throughout the entire universe.

May those who try to silence Your war cry be silenced themselves.

You are the Chief among chiefs.

And I shall dance the good dance for You forever.

by Merwyn Arnold George