Our Goals

Our goal is to help people become all that God has called them to be.  And also to be ready to serve anywhere in the world at any time.   The name missionary simply means a messenger and we should all be that—God’s messenger to this world. 

Even within our own mission, YWAM(Youth With A Mission), most people know nothing about Native Americans. They pray for every other country but forget the tribes within this nation. There are more than 500 beautiful Native American tribes, which need to be respected and allowed to choose how they can worship the Lord as Natives and not look White any longer in order to follow Jesus. 

There was an awful thing called “apartheid” in Africa.  But this still goes on in the U.S.  The natives of North America who are also called the “Red Indians” have nothing except casinos these days.  They have lost their land, culture, language and dignity through boarding schools and many abuses.  And the church is often still saying the same thing to this present day.  We want them to cut their hair, sing white hymns, not do their cultural dances (good or bad) in order to be called “a Christian.” The church is still often saying that all of Native American culture (ceremonies, dances, initiations etc.) are evil without hardly knowing anything about them.

Culture is not in existence just for a people group or tribe, but to bring honor to the Creator. What are all the Native American dances and ceremonies about, if they don’t bring awareness of the Creator’s heart in those things? No culture is positive or negative in itself, for every culture has uniqueness which honors our Heavenly Father and things which break His heart.

We believe that God hears the prayer of the saints. We are His children, set apart for God, and when we pray He will honor our prayers! The prayers of the saints brought deliverance to many of the nations, because someone brought those nations to the attention of those who pray.  Our goal is to bring attention to North America and cry out to God to bring deliverance to the Hopi and other Native tribes, who suffer with depression, hopelessness, alcoholism, drugs, suicide, etc.

The beginning of birth pangs, travailing to bring in something new, always has a heavy price.  Matthew 24:9 says at that time, people will be handing men over into pressure of tribulation and affliction and treated repeatedly with ill will and constantly hated by all the ethnic nations because of the name of Jesus.  We believe that something is about to burst among the Native American nations and that we are at the beginning stage of a birth of something great!


Builds the foundation for all our work in Hopi and beyond.


Building trust relationships:

Building trust relationship give us credibility in native communities. We cannot enter their land and assume that God is not with them or their culture is evil. Our school encourages asking for the Creator’s love, mercy, justice and peace to come and touch the people in deeper ways so good life can flow. We need to humble ourselves and listen to their stories. We need to offer helping hands and be the workers for the harvest. One of the ways of bringing help is to have a training center to raise up those who want to work more sensitively among our Native friends.

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Our school provides our students to get involved with Native Americans throughout both the lecture and the outreach phase.

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Presenting Good News:

Wisely representing the message of our Creator within varying native  contexts. We want to honor our Native neighbors through the love of Christ.



Equipping our students with the tools to go out anywhere in the world and encouraging our Native brothers and sisters to rise to be the evangelists, prophets, apostles, pastors and teachers they were called to be.

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God has blessed Tribal Winds with not only expanding the territory for Natives beyond the reservations but bring the nations to the Tribal Winds. The friendships and relationships have been built from beyond the nations of America, but to the nations of the world.

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