Our Current Needs:

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-Full-Time Staff - *You must have completed DTS

-Urban/city workers: We need those who would like to befriend and disciple and develop native ministries in Flagstaff city and the surrounding areas.

-Youth workers: to do outreach to native youth.

-Children’s worker: Couples or singles who could do emergency foster-care on Hopi Indian reservation

-Pre-School Director/ teachers: Those who would love to set up day-care center on the Hopi Indian reservation so that moms could go to work (We would like the moms to drop the kids off only 2 to 3 days a week and the mothers would be required to come to Bible-study fellowship)

- Outdoor Adventure leaders:  Those who would love to set up outdoor adventure programs with the villages & schools or simply go out with the native youth to do so that they can experience the nature through hiking, mountaineering, rock-climbing, river-rafting etc.

-Village workers: general ministry assistants. Possible tasks: Church work – Sunday school, worship. Jail Ministry – evangelism, discipleship, follow-up. Small group discipleship. Part time office work.

-DTS staff: serve in upcoming DTS. Previous DTS staff experience helpful, but not essential.

-Part time Office manager:  who could do bookkeeping and logging-in activities and receipts

- Maintenance manager- someone to head up the maintenance Department both at our Flagstaff base and on Hopi Indian reservation which is almost an hour away.  It would be great to have this person be able to teach and disciple some Hopi young people to be able to learn these skills by working together with them in their land to fix their homes.

-Volunteers - those people who help with specific projects on a short term basis. This is a great opportunity for church youth groups to come, serve and get a “taste” of missions.

-Mission Builders - those people who are non-YWAMers who come and live and work with us longer term, up to three months. (Please see the DONATE page on our website, to see the projects which need to be done at our base)

Contact us for more information: ywamtribalwinds@gmail.com
Staff Application.doc (Document)

Staff Application (PDF)

If you wish to come as a volunteer or a Mission Builder, please contact us and we’ll tell you which parts of the staff application to fill out.