Native Americans


Native Americans – Then & Now


Native American land was reduced down to 2% of the continental United States. From the time of the white European’s first arrival, to the late 1800′s over 95% of the native lands were colonized. During the 1800′s sixty separate tribes from around the country were forcibly moved to Oklahoma.




The apparent result of this upheaval has been disastrous. Despair surrounds us on the reservation. All the “First” Nations have huge health and social problems; poverty, diabetes, drug/alcohol abuse, child abuse, murder, suicide etc. Native Americans generally have 4+ times the rate of problems nationally. On the reservations drunk driving accounts for numerous deaths.

You lifted me from the Grave

Like the disappearing winds of yesterdays past,

so my deeds dissolve away when the Lord lays His hand upon me

Such was I, a drunkard, roaming the empty streets

of some distant faraway town,

not knowing the truth and where it can be found.

But, I heard the sound of Your sweet voice when I was on the ground.

You lifted me from the grave and set my feet on solid rock,

never to be undermined.

                                                                     by Merwyn Arnold George



However, the Native Americans are rising up with their dances and songs. They are being welcomed by many nations around the world with their regalia and feathers and drums. God has a great purpose them. They will be the next messengers to take the Good News to the ends of the earth.

You are the Tree and I am the leaf

You are the Tree and I am the leaf among leaves.

You touched my soul when I was in utter darkness.

You lifted me from my hand dug grave.

When I was alone, I was not.

Your angels of light hovered around me

when death was near, and rescued me.

The fear of death has left me

because You are the resurrection and the life

and I shall fear no evil.

                                                                      by Merwyn Arnold George