M. A. in Bible Translation

This Executive Masters’ program has been specifically designed to equip YWAMers to make their contribution to Bible translation service, both as facilitators and as consultants. (2017 course has already started in November so please inquire if you are interested in this course next year.)

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The leadership of the program has rich professional/missionary background and experience in linguistics, training and Bible Translation. Our Executive M. A. in Bible Translation is a response to the mission of “Ending Bible Poverty” and more specifically to the “Pacific Wa’a Covenant” signed by leaders of several missionary organization in our region. In this context, YWAM has a role in multiplying the next generation of Bible translators, who will contribute to eradicate Bible poverty in the world.

The present program was conceived in 2015 after a three day encounter between Marcia Suzuki, Edson Suzuki and Bryan Harmelink in Kona. Bryan Harmelink, the Global Consultant for Bible Translation & Collaboration of Wycliffe Bible Alliance, found in our team a fertile ground to reflect on some necessary innovations in the training of Bible translators. The present program is a result of those three days discussion, and proposes an innovative training model. Traditional training in Bible translation typically presents curricula heavily based on analytical linguistics because it focuses on training expatriate linguists to analyze and translate the Bible into a language which is foreign to them. However, the reality of Bible translation has changed over the years. The tendency today is to have mother-tongue translators to do the work, typically assisted by expatriate facilitators. This reality poses new challenges to the training, and several scholars see the need of new approaches and disciplines to complement the training of Bible translation facilitators.

Our program tackles this challenge by being the first M. A. program specifically designed to train Bible translation facilitators and consultants. Marcia Suzuki, Bryan Harmelink and David Hamilton, as well as many others, see our M. A. program as a platform to innovate and to implement up-to-date approaches to the current reality of Bible Translation in the world.

CURRICULUM FOR THE INTENSIVE MODULES  (2 modules will be held at YWAM Tribal Winds, in Flagstaff and 2 other modules will be at YWAM Kona, Hawaii.)

The Pilot Executive M. A. in Bible Translation requires a minimum of 48 credit hours, in an intense eighteen months program.
• 16 credits are earned through four intensive modules of on-campus collegial cohort, each of them 10 days long;
• 28 credits through a variety of learning activities, including reading and reports (4), special research papers (16), development of Bible Engagement curriculum through Uniskript (4), participation in specific Bible translation projects (4);
• 4 credits through a thesis, or thesis project: the translation of one book of the Bible into one Bible-less language