Battle belongs to the Lord!

Give unto the Lord, O you mighty ones, Give unto the Lord glory and strength! (Psalm 29:1)

“Buffalo and Deer Dancers and the Hopi maidens were moving to the drum beat of the men singers as I stood on top of the roof of the Hopi houses.  I felt as though I was in a far away land, in Tibet or some place. My heart cried out for wisdom and I found myself moved to tears as I watched the dance at one village which seemed pure and lovely, but the other village the next weekend, disturbing.  The one I felt disturbed in my spirit about, brought such a bad wind storm that it filled our church with dust and sand.”

I wrote the above while we were still in Hopiland. It is not an easy thing to sponsor a ceremonial dance in Hopiland.  Nita is sponsoring one day of dance in her village of Bacavi this weekend. It is a huge ordeal to sponsor a dance as there many people who come sometimes from around the world.  The hosts are responsible to feed all the dancers and singers and guests.  Please PRAY with us for Nita that the Lord would use her in gentle and MIGHTY ways to share her testimony to many who will enter her house this weekend. Thank you!

Talking of old friends,Will visited our old staff, David Sweetland in Las Vegas on his way home from SOAR school.

Talking of old friends,Will visited our old staff, David Sweetland in Las Vegas on his way home from SOAR school.

My heart is filled with good memories of all that our Father has done and is doing in our lives.   We were blessed to have Will’s former Navy Seal platoon leader and his wife, Mike and Donna Callaway who came to stay with us for a few days last week. Lyn Hart who taught Skin Diving classes with Will at Biola College in the mid 70′s, and his wife Linda also came to stay for another few days last week. And then Eddie Huang came. He lived at “Winter House” in the early 80′s with us when Will and I first married. How good it is when we have these long-lasting friendships  when there are so many broken relationships on this earth. I love my beautiful Father who gave us friends who did not give up on us all these years and prayed for us. We truly could not have done this work without the support of prayers!

We need your help to pray with us for these events below.  May our Lord  be magnified and many come to know the beauty of our God and draw closer to Him!

May 4-9: Will helped teach rock-climbing & other skills at YWAM-Sea & Summit, in Bishop, CA. at SOAR (School of Outdoor Adventure Recreation)- please see other photos in attachment. Will was also able to attend the  Paiute/ Shoshone “Tatswano” gathering which Tribal Winds DTS students and staff were able to help and be a part of the first few years of YWAM involvement.


Will with SOAR school students at YWAM Bishop, CA.

Will with SOAR school students at YWAM Bishop, CA.

June 8-10: Millie teaches at YWAM Santa Fe, New Mexico about “Hearing God’s Voice” & “Intercession.”
June 23- July 17: Native kids Playing with Wolves expedition with Will: “To learn and improve work skills, leadership and teamwork.  To learn basic 1st Aid, backpacking and mountaineering skills.  To reflect on and better appreciate Creator’s goodness and beauty in nature.”  (A couple years ago Will had a dream of 2 wolves playing, and he was told to help their pups, which he took to mean the kids of native friends. The boys and girls will work at some elder’s home and do other projects in Hopiland and and chop firewood in Flagstaff to earn some of their tuition and then go to High Sierras for the backpacking and rock climbing trip.)  Please Pray about helping with a scholarship donation for them.
July 18: Awards banquet for the Native Boys’ Expedition
July 7-17: Korean youth team from New York coming back to Hopiland. They are preparing by studying & praying.
July 10, 11: Worship, Prayer and BBQ Retreat at YWAM Triabl Winds, Flagstaff.  Led by Naphtali and our staff ladies.
July 24-31: Will and Millie go to YWAM in Panama to teach at their DTS among our Wounan Indian friends.

Jail ministry: I had one inmate last night at our service who must have had close to a dozen stud holes all over her face. There is a such a spiritual battle here (as well as everywhere)! I could see in her eyes the distrust and anger and then the sweet realization of the truth in the Word.  She was not in her right mind.  She left in the middle of the service perhaps because the demons inside of her could not handle being in our Lord’s presence.  I was battling for her but I had to consider the other ladies who needed to worship and learn about our Jesus without the interruptions.

New staff: Our daughter, Naphtali Toms and Felicia Knoth have decided to come on staff with us.  It has been Naphtali’s PASSION to speak about the love of Jesus to others ever since she was a very little girl. There is a call on her life to be in intercession like Anna (who prayed day and night in the temple and got to see baby Jesus), and to pray for people, with words of knowledge and prophetic anointing. She would like to hold prayer retreats here at YWAM Tribal Winds and to be able to teach  as well as bring other speakers to teach on Intimacy, Worship and Intercession. Naphtali is an excellent teacher. She continues to be asked to teach at home groups as well as being given opportunities at CFN (Church for the Nations) in Flagstaff to speak, once given the whole Sunday morning service to share. Our Father is bringing her out of the desert since she’s come back from Alaska.

Felicia Knoth also has this gift of prayer and would like to go to Hopiland every other week with Naphtali to establish a prayer room at YWAM Hopi.  This is so that our Hopi friends would come and just sit and be with our beautiful Father and hear His quiet voice of instructions in the midst of all their doings with their dances and ceremonies. Felicia has brought to us a lot of what we have prayed for in the areas of hospitality, landscaping and gardening.  She has a fantastic testimony of how God had healed her of any disabilities as she was born with Down’s Syndrome.  She is so intelligent and kind and sharp! She wants to go and work to touch the lives of the kids with disabilities in schools in Hopiland. She endows every guest who comes here with a handmade scripture bookmark and a basket of snacks with the guest’s name on it.

A Dream of Warfare: Felicia had dream a few nights ago.  Will and I were in a battle field and we had swords in our hands.  We were both using our swords to attack the enemy but we got eventually tired.  She saw two angels standing behind us and they told us to put the sword down and they lifted Will and my arms up and the battle was soon won! Yes, the battle belongs to the Lord!

In His beautiful grace,

I include this gallery of photos for I am excited that we are planning these mountaineering and rock-climbing trips as we now have the Insurance and the staff to be able to move on this. This is how Will and I met in Sea & Summit Expeditions working with kids, who were wards of the court in the seventies, in the High Sierras.